Dr. Cumeras is running for the Board of Directors at the Metabolomics Society

2023 August 18
Please, vote!


2023 Aug. 7
Cumeras R, Shen T, Valdiviez L, Tippins Z, Haffner BD, Fiehn O. Differences in the Stool Metabolome between Vegans and Omnivores: Analyzing the NIST Stool Reference Material. Metabolites 2023, 13, 921.

Recur Detect project defended at the Selection Committee of CaixaImpulse

2023 July 4
As result of a very competitive evaluation process, we are glad to inform you that your proposal CI23-10205 Lateral flow assay for the detection of recurrence and metastasis in colorectal cancer has been selected for the next evaluation phase. We are thrilled and we did our best to defend our project added value and why it should be funded. 🤞

PhD student Maria Llambrich explained the Life Fluids project at the IISPV PhD day

2023 June 22
Decoding Human Biofluids: Unraveling the Composition of Urine, Saliva, and Breath.

Dr. Cumeras inducted as Full member of
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society

2023 June 1
Sigma Xi is an international, multidisciplinary community of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) professionals dedicated to research excellence, promoting public engagement with science, and fostering the next generation of researchers. Through the recognition and honor of induction to Sigma Xi, its members join a distinguished community of researchers, including more than 200 Nobel Laureates.

Dr. Cumeras received the Best Poster Award at the Gordon Research Seminar

2023 Mar. 16
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco in Lucca (Barga), Lucca, Italy

Our research is showcased at the National Newspaper “La Vanguardia”

2023 Feb. 23
“El Pere Virgili desarrolla nuevas terapias para el cáncer y obesidad”

PhD student Maria Llambrich highligthed at her hometown for the Women and Girls in Science Day

2023 Feb. 11

Dr. Cumeras received the “Certificación I3” for an outstanding research career

2023 Jan. 5
The I3 certificate, recognizes the quality requirements of production and scientific-technological activity that imply an outstanding research career. Issued by the Spanish Ministry of Universities.

New Lab Member

2022 Dec.
Dr. Lluch Sementé has joined the Advanced Metabolomics group as Postdoc. Welcome on board!

Granted Innovation networks !!

2022 Dec. 13
Granted two innovation networks from which we are members:

  • XarTEC SALUT R+D+I Network in Health Technologies
    Coordinator: Prof. Alexandre Perera (UPC). Budget: 1.000.000,00 EUR.
  • XarSMART Valorization and Transfer Program of research results in precision personalized medicine. Coordinator: (IDIBELL). Budget: 698.000,00 EUR.


2022 Dec. 1
Llambrich, M., Brezmes, J. & Cumeras, R. The untargeted urine volatilome for biomedical applications: methodology and volatilome database. Biol Proced Online 24, 20 (2022).

New Patent!

2022 Nov. 8 Published
CE Davis, MK Levasseur, R Cumeras, Y Zrodnikov, MM McCartney, AG Fung, DJ Peirano. “Portable micro-preconcentrator to facilitate chemical sampling and subsequent analysis”. US Patent US 11491436 B2.

Obtained the Seal of Excellence from FIPSE

2022 Oct. 26
“Recur Detect: Early detection of recurrence and metastasis test.”

Obtained IP Studies & Valorization Grant from XarTec Salut !!

2022 Oct. 19
“Recur Detect: Early detection of recurrence and metastasis test.”

Advanced entrepreneurship training

2022 Oct. 17 – Dec. 1
PhD student Maria Llambrich will attend the Advanced entrepreneurship training imparted by TopBrands Consulting as part of the innovation project ORION. Online.

Granted Target ML project !!

2022 Oct. 13
“Developing a Signal Processing Pipeline for Targeted Quantitative Metabolomics and Machine Learning-Based Discovery of Volatile Biomarkers: Application to Cancer Screening.”

Granted ORION project !!

2022 Oct. 11
“Urinary ionomics in the progression of colorectal cancer.”
A ionomics-metabolomics project.


2022 Sep. 22
Brezmes J, Llambrich M, Cumeras R, Gumà J. Urine NMR Metabolomics for Precision Oncology in Colorectal Cancer. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2022; 23(19):11171.

Life Fluids goes LIFE in social media

2022 Sep. 19
Follow us on Instagram (life_fluids), twitter (LifeFluids) or facebook (Life Fluids). We will be posting media capsules explaining what a biofluids is, their function, place, etc.

New Lab Member

2022 Sep.
Rocío López has joined the Advanced Metabolomics group as Clinical Laboratori Technician. Welcome on board!

PhD student Maria Llambrich awarded a Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Travel Grant in 2022

2022 Aug. 5
To join for a period of 3 months, the Dr. Johan A. Westerhuis group at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

New Lab Member

2022 Jul.
Héctor Villalba has joined the Advanced Metabolomics group as Databases Technician. Welcome on board!

PhD student Maria Llambrich awarded the Student Travel Award for outstanding academic achievement

2022 Jun. 16

Dr. Cumeras new member of the Internal Scientific Committee of IISPV

2022 Jun. 14

Registered Logo

2022 Jun. 13
Registered the new version of the Life Fluids logo at Safe Creative with ref. 2206131358555.

Dr. Cumeras new co-chair of the Reference Test Material Working Group (RTMWG) of mQACC

2022 June 13

Special Issue at Metabolites

2022 May 31
Special Issue “From Samples to Insights into Metabolism for Precision Medicine” in #MDPIMetabolites. Guest Editors: Dr. Raquel Cumeras, Dr. Jung H. Suh and Prof. Dr. Stephen Barnes.

Dr. Cumeras new member of the SCIEX Innovation Advisory Board (IAB)!!

2022 May 30

Granted INVESTIGO grant !!

2022 May 16
A grant to contract a postdoc for 2 years.

First European School of Metabolomics (RFMF). Place: Marseille, France. March 14-18, 2022.

2022 Mar. 14-18, Marseille, France
PhD student Maria Llambrich attended the First European School of Metabolomics

Dr. Cumeras participates in the #100tífiques for

2022 Feb. 1, Escola Serra de Prades
Women in STEM, talks for 6th grade and 1st ESO students, done in the schools:


2022 Jan. 15
Maria Llambrich, Eudald Correig, Josep Gumà, Jesús Brezmes, Raquel Cumeras, Amanida: an R package for meta-analysis of metabolomics non-integral data, Bioinformatics, Volume 38, Issue 2, 15 January 2022, Pages 583–585,

Dr. Cumeras joined European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Future User Group

2022 Jan.
Dr Cumeras selected as member of the EOSC Future User Group to co-design EOSC Future services and solutions!

2022 Registered Softwares and Tools

(in order of registration)

  • M Llambrich, J Brezmes, R Cumeras. Pre-processing algorithm for GCxGC-MS raw data registered at Safe Creative w/ reference 2205241209139 (May 24, 2022).
  • H Villalba, M Llambrich, R Cumeras. BBDD Urine registered at SafeCreative w/ references 2206081328622 (Jun 8, 2022) and 2206081328615 (Jun 8, 2022).

2022 Newspapers

(in order of release):

  • Article “From genomics to metabolomics: revelations about cancer” for the Lliga Contra el Càncer de les Comarques de Tarragona i Terres de l’Ebre.

Granted COLOOPT Dx project !!

2021 Dec. 1
“Colorectal diagnostic test for an optimal patient screening (COLOOPT Dx).”
An innovation project.

Granted Life Fluids project !!

2021 Nov. 30
“Life Fluids: Which fluids we have in the human body?”
A scientific dissemination project.

MetaRbolomics Hackathon from

2021 Nov. 22-24, Witenberg, Germany
PhD student Maria Llambrich attended the MetaRbolomics Hackathon

Dr. Cumeras joined mQACC

2021 Nov. 4
Dr Cumeras accepted as an Affiliate member. Sponsored by Prof. Oliver Fiehn.

Registered Logo

2021 Oct. 26
Registered the Life Fluids logo at Safe Creative with ref. 2110269633500.

Dr. Cumeras elected as COUNCIL member of Early Career Members (ECM) of Metabolomics Association of North America (MANA)

2021 Oct. 5
Dr Cumeras was elected as MANA ECM council member. The election was announced at MANA 2021 conference (October 18-21, Columbus OSU).

Dr. Cumeras joined the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)

2021 Sep. 29
Dr Cumeras joined EACR as an early career EACR member.

Researcher’s night outreach

2021 Sep. 24
The Advanced Metabolomics group has performed the “Do you know your exposome?” outreach activities along with other members of the Metabolomics Interdisciplinary Group.


2021 May 21
Mallafré-Muro C†, Llambrich M†, Cumeras R, Pardo A, Brezmes J, Marco S, Gumà J. († joint first authors). Comprehensive Volatilome and Metabolome Signatures of Colorectal Cancer in Urine: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Cancers. 2021; 13(11):2534.

BioCAT has spotlighted our book “Volatile Organic Compound Analysis in Biomedical Diagnosis Applications

2021 Apr. 23
BioCAT (the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia) selected our book to be spotlighted during the world book day.

Published our Book “Volatile Organic Compound Analysis in Biomedical Diagnosis Applications

2021 Mar. 31 (copyrighted 2019)
1st edition, ISBN 9781774634264
292 Pages 12 Color & 38 B/W Illustrations
Published by Apple Academic Press (an exclusive co-publishing partnership with CRC Press, a member of the Taylor & Francis Group, since 2012).

New Patent!

2021 Mar. 9 Published
CE Davis, MK Levasseur, R Cumeras, Y Zrodnikov, MM McCartney, AG Fung, DJ Peirano. “Portable micro-preconcentrator to facilitate chemical sampling and subsequent analysis”. US Patent US 10940428 B2.

2021 Registered Softwares and Tools

(in order of registration)

2021 Newspapers

(in order of release):

  • Website new, at the Go_HERO portal from Health European Research Offices from IISPV, IRB Lleida and IdIBGi.
  • Health in Europe (worldwide online platform for the latest trends in medical technology, innovative procedures and advances in medical research). Interview about ion mobility spectrometry.

COLOVOC’s project dissemination at European Researcher’s Night

2020 Sep. 24
COLOVOC project dissemination:

Dr Cumeras spotlighted by MANA ECM

2020 Sep. 23
Email sent to all the ECM member. Shared in LinkedIn, which had over 1,200 reactions.

New Lab Member

2020 Mar.
Maria Llambrich has joined the Advanced Metabolomics group as PhD student. Welcome on board!

Granted XarTec Salut network !!

2020 Mar. 2
“R+D+I Network in Health Technologies.”
An innovation network where we are members.

Registered Logo

2020 Jan. 30
Registered the TensorChrom logo at BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) with ref. 88359-01.

Release of COLOVOC project webpage

2019 Oct. 3

International Summer Sessions in Metabolomics 2019

2019 Aug. 19-30, Davis, California (US)
Dr. Cumeras attended the International Summer Sessions in Metabolomics 2019, imparted by the West Coast Metabolomics Center.

Advanced program in scientifically based entrepreneurship IMPULSA-LLAVOR

2019 May 7 – Nov. 17
Dr. Cumeras attended the Advanced program entrepreneurship in scientifically based entrepreneurship IMPULSA-LLAVOR imparted by Fundació Empresa i Ciència from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Granted LLAVOR project !!

2019 Apr. 30
“Colorectal cancer markers for the selection and optimization of the appropriate treatments.”
An innovation project.

Transcoloncan COST Action
Meeting Management Committee + WG’s

2019 Feb. 28 – Mar. 1, Skopje, Macedonia
Dr. Cumeras attended the Transcoloncan meeting:

Transcoloncan COST Action
Training School: Risk modeling in colorectal cancer

2019 Jan. 21-23, Barcelona, Spain
Dr Cumeras attended the Risk modeling in colorectal cancer.

Granted TensorChrom project !!

2019 Jan. 1
“Development of a signal and data processing workflow for 2D hyphenated chromatography based on multi-way algorithms: Application to urine metabolomics data for colorectal cancer screening.”

2019 Newspapers

(in order of release):

  • Fet A Tarragona (local magazine, Catalonia). Article about women in science. Only printed version, but an online news was published on 2019/01/27 with some of the women that participated in the presentation event.
  • Fet A Tarragona (local magazine, Catalonia). Article about love for science.

Dr Cumeras selected as one of the most relevant people in Tarragona

2018 Dec. 5
Dr Cumeras was as number 13 of the 30 most outstanding people in Tarragona (Spain) for the year 2018.

Retreat 2018 IISPV – IRB Lledia – IdibiGi

2018 Nov. 7-9
Dr Cumeras attended the first IISPV – IRB Lleida – IdibiGi retreat at Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona (Spain).

9th Franco-Spanish – IBERNAM-CMC2 Workshop

2018 Oct. 4-5, Tarragona (Spain)
Dr Cumeras was member of the Local Organizing Committee of the 9th Franco-Spanish IBERNAM-CMC2 workshop.

Science in 1′: What is metabolomics

2018 Oct. 2
Dr Cumeras helped to produce the video “Science in 1′: What is metabolomics” as part of the Talent URV process (youtube).

Dr Cumeras selected as TALENT URV

2018 Oct. 2
Dr Cumeras was honored to be selected as 1 out 10 of TALENT URV!!
Interview news plus video interview (youtube)

Granted EXIT project !!

2018 Sep. 12
“Chiral evaluation of urinary cancers with LC-IMS-QTOFMS.”
A project to pursue an ERC project.

Registered Logo

2018 May 3
Registered the COLOVOC logo at BOIP (Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) with ref. 87508-01.

Granted COLOVOC project !!

2018 Feb.
“Reliable and specific urinary biomarkers for colorectal cancer.”
An EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships as Outgoing (798038). Participants: UC Davis (US), IISPV (ES), and Biosfer Teslab SL (ES).

TV interview

2018 Jan. 26
Dr. Cumeras was interviewed by the local TV channel Canal Reus.
(youtube, in catalan)

Granted PMF-POST Starting grant project !!

2018 Jan.
“Pancreatic cancer biomarkers evaluation using metabolomics.”

2018 Newspapers

(in order of release):

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