PhD Thesis

  • Maria Llambrich. “Urinary metabolomics alteration in colorectal cancer” (ongoing). PhD advisors: Jesús Brezmes (UVR) and Raquel Cumeras (IISPV). Doctoral Programme in Technologies for Nanosystems, Bioengineering and Energy, from URV. Expected defense date: June 2023.
    • Obtained the Competitive Martí Franquès Doctoral Grants from URV (ref. 2019PMF-PIPF-37). Period: 01/05/2020-30/04/2023.
  • Yeray Gabaldon. “Identification of skin cancer biomarkers using the combination of metabolomics, lipidomics and non-invasive sampling” (ongoing). PhD advisors: Paolo Bonini (OloBion SL) and Raquel Cumeras (IISPV). Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine, from URV. Expected defense date: Mid 2026.

BSc Thesis

  • Pol Romera (2023/03-06). “Multi-omic composition and correlations of breath and saliva”. BSc Biomedical Engineering. June 2023.
  • Héctor Villalba (2022/03-06). “Development and curation of a comprehensive database of urine components”. BSc Biomedical Engineering. June 2022.
  • Mónica Madrigal (2018/04-05). “Metabolómica no dirigida para la detección de biomarcadores en cáncer de páncreas”. BSc Biotechnology. June 2018.
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