Softwares and tools


Amanida tool

for meta-analysis of overall statistical results

Please cite:
Maria Llambrich, Eudald Correig, Josep Gumà, Jesús Brezmes, Raquel Cumeras, Amanida: an R package for meta-analysis of metabolomics non-integral data, Bioinformatics, Volume 38, Issue 2, 15 January 2022, Pages 583–585,

Registered designs:
Maria Llambrich. Design registered at SafeCreative w/ reference 2111229876715 (Nov 22, 2021).


Life Fluids database

the first comprehensive database of biofluids including metabolites, proteins, genes, metals, etc.

Please cite:
– H. Villalba, M. Llambrich, R. Cumeras. BBDD Urine registered at SafeCreative w/ references 2206081328622 (Jun 8, 2022) and 2206081328615 (Jun 8, 2022).

Registered designs:
– Héctor Villalba, Raquel Cumeras. Design registered at SafeCreative w/ reference 2206131358555 (Jun 13, 2022).
– Maria Llambrich. Design registered at SafeCreative w/reference 2110269633500 (Oct 26, 2021).


GcDuo tool

for pre-processing GC and GCxGC data

Please cite:
Maria Llambrich, Jesús Brezmes, Raquel Cumeras. Pre-processing algorithm for GCxGC-MS raw data registered at Safe Creative w/ reference 2205241209139 (May 24, 2022).

Registered designs:
Raquel Cumeras. Design registered at BOIP w/reference 87508-01 (May 3, 2018).


Micro / Nano Integrated Systems

Working on portable point-of-care clinical solutions.

Please cite:
Cristina E. Davis, Michael K. Levasseur, Raquel Cumeras, Yuriy Zrodnikov, Mitchell M. McCartney, Alexander G. Fung, Daniel J. Peirano. “Portable micro-preconcentrator to facilitate chemical sampling and subsequent analysis”.
US Patents US10940428B2 and US11491436B2.

A microsystem (or MEMS – Micro Electro Mechanical System, or MicroTAS-Micro Total Analysis System) is an integrated miniaturized electronic system that may include sensors, actuators, signal processing circuits, and other structures, together with power supply/management, interfaces, packaging, and ancillary elements. During the last decade, the addition of nanostructures/nanomaterials to improve the device/system performances has led to the concept of micro/nanosystems or MEMS/NEMS.
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