Academic Service

We are involved in several committees and working groups as we are committed in helping advance our institutions and professional societies. Also, we act as referee’s as needed.

Dr. Raquel Cumeras

IISPV Health Institue Pere Virgili.
Member of the Internal scientific committee (2022/05-).
mQACC Metabolomics Quality Assurance & Quality Control Consortium
co-chair of the Reference and Test Materials Working Group (2022/06-). Member of the Best Practices WG and the Reporting Standards WG.
MANA Metabolomics Association of North America
council member of the Early Career Members (2021/10-). Member of the Metabolomics in Precision Medicine Interest Group.
Member of EOSC European Open Science Cloud
Member of the Future User group (2021/10-).
Member of SESMET Metabolomics Spanish Society (2020/02-).
Member of EACR European association for cancer research (2021/09-)
Member of GIPS Catalan interdisciplinary group of health-related professionals (2022/06-)
MCAA Marie Curie alumni (2018/11-).
MCAA Spain (2021-); MCAA North America Chapter (2019-21); MCAA Financial Affairs (2019-2020).
Metabolomics Society (2015/01-).

EU Expert (EX2014D221276)., and EURAMET Expert (REF-820, referee at HEALTH call in 2022).
She has served as a referee for >15 journals, including ACS Omega; Analyst; Anal Chim Acta; Anal Lett; Anal Methods; Chem Comm; J Prot Res; Marine Biology; Metabolites; Micromachines; New Journal of Chemistry; Nutrients; Plos ONE; Talanta; RSC Advances.

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